Styling your printed dresses

Whether it’s summer or winter, you’re probably over the print ‘era’ since it has been on for quite some time, but prints are daring, loud and bringout your personality. From gingham to polka dots and animal patterns,
can’t get enough of prints, as designers continue to reinvent populartextiles like floral so they can be worn beyond the summer days and intonwinter, as shown here.

Because of the eye-catching nature of these fabrics, some women can find it difficult to incorporate prints into their everyday wardrobe.  The refulgent array of dresses on <a href=”“>Lyst</a>may have us thinking that bold prints are great for the weekends, but don’t think that you can’t wear them on a daily basis, even in places like the office.

In case you’re low on ways for working with printed dresses, here are a few tips for some outfit inspiration

1. Break up prints using a belt or a jacket.
Leopard print (and any other print for the matter) can look quite busy on a garment like a dress, which is much more intimidating than putting togetheran ensemble with patterned separates. To downplay the chaos of the print, a
black leather jacket will neutralize the outfit. Belts cinched at the waist are another option, with the width depending on the type of print you’re wearing. Don’t be afraid to experiment here.

2. Find prints in relaxed silhouettes.

A floral a-line or bodycon can seem a little too much for the workplace and running errands, so opt for a
simple silhouette, such as a shift dress or a flowy silk mid length frock with an understated pattern. Neutral suede sandals are  recommended 
for footwear since you don’t want to be too aggressive with your appearance.

3. Keep your accessories to a minimum
A statement-making dress doesn’t need additional components to complicate the outfit. You need to create a balance, choosing neutral shoes and a purse, or go monochromatic to let the graphics shine without any distractions. In terms of jewelry, the simpler, the better.

How do you like to wear your printed dresses?




Casual Chic + New video !!!

Is it just me or has September flown right past us!?The other day I was busy going on and on how excited I was it’s birthday month and now I’m marking my November projects.Soon we’ll be singing Jingle bells…sigh!

And speaking of time, over time I have come to love the casual days a bit more.Some days we dress up, other days we dress down.It’s all about creating a balance.

Lace top – Thrifted

Palazzo pants- Also worn here

Flats- Here

Maasai neckpiece – Maasai Market

Fedora – Toi Market

Sunnies- Dubois Rd

DSC_0203 (3)

DSC_0208 (2)

DSC_0206 (2)

DSC_0232 (2)DSC_0185 (2)DSC_0208 (3)DSC_0221 (2)DSC_0196 (2)

DSC_0204 (2)

Also, I have a new video up:) Spare a few and see how I have been styling these crochet braids.Hope you enjoy it!



My blog just turned 2!!!!Well it did on the 18th (last week but I was busy nursing a wisdom tooth disimpaction so smiling was even impossible) but how fast has time flown?Just the other day I was taking pics using my Lumia and now am experimenting with a Nikkon D5300 because my Canon is no longer a challenge…I am just so so so blessed!

Thank you guys so much for following my blog, Instagram, Facebook, new You Tube channel…I really appreciate the support and positive vibes you all show. I am just so grateful.God has been so good.Even when I felt like I wasn’t good enough or wasn’t doing as great as others He reminded me that He makes everything beautiful at its time.

Speaking of time, I also turned 24 on the 10th of September.TWENTY FOUR!It’s as exciting as it is scary to be honest.There are all these goals I have with timelines and am wondering if my pace is right;expectations left right and centre from my folks, family, friends…the world!It’s like there’s just so much yet to unfold!However, I choose not to fret or fear, I know His plans are better than my dreams and somehow, all will happen in due time.Amen?!

On to the outfit ,you all know how I love mixing prints and feel no qualms about it.Here’s another of those.Both the dress and coat were thrifted and the dress is actually a skirt.I had gone over to my girl’s house and didn’t wanna wear jeans the next day, so since she’s more curvy than I, I could only wear the skirt as a dress.Which was never returned and won’t.Then you can imagine how excited I was when I got home and remembered there’s a matchy coat waiting:)





Dress – Borrowed

Coat – Thrifted

Heels – Backyard Shoes

How to take care of Crotchet Braids

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I have never been so happy with any protective styling  as with the one I have now-Crotchet Braids- done using Marley Hair.Let me take you back to last year when I did the fluffy kinks here…(Click link to see pics) and comparing it to the crocheted braids I have now, I think the latter protects the hair line waay better.Not that the former was bad anyway.Crotchet braids are installed by using a latch hook needle to attach braiding bulk hair to previously cornrowed hair.  The first step mimics a sew in weave preparation.

Now,this is my 3rd week in these braids and I have tried a couple of things that have helped maintain them.



The scalp gets really dry as the days go buy so it’s really important to keep it moisturized. I use 100% Virgin Coconut oil which works for me.Working out 5 days a week leaves me so dry and my skin starts flaking then it looks like I have dandruff which it isn’t really…So just a little oil application once a week is enough.


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Do you recognize that face?It says DON’T SCRATCH YOUR SCALP  Gurrrrl ain’t nothing cute about itching !!!!!At times we can’t help it, but when you keep reaching for your scalp, those manicured nails just end up looking like they harbor each grain of dandruff. So I suggest you use the Jamaican Mango Lime No-Itch Gro Spray which you can get from Beauty Wholesale/Super Cosmetics in the CBD  (Nairobi) for about Sh.800.


It  moisturizes (so you can substitute no.1 above with), it’s  non-greasy, smells lovely and doesn’t build-up so there’s no disgusting thick layer of the product.Oh, and you can use it daily, though I use it thrice a week.


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And/Or lie on a silk/satin pillow case just in case the scarf slides off your hair at night and you wake up with your braids dry like you can’t believe!The main purpose of this to ensure that your hair retains moisture so this is a must!


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Now ladies, let’s just agree that we are blessed with beautiful baby hair and so we wanna use a little gel just to make it look nicer.Or let’s just disagree because well, some of us (like myself) were given popcorn hair so that gel has to be applied to give an illusion of baby hair…No?The bad side of this is that not only does the gel make your hair line look greasy but the build-up causes breakouts.I don’t know about you but I am a victim, and my skin doesn’t need any more problems, acne is too much already.


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I have it done it.I used my Aussie conditioner, washed my hair and scalp thoroughly but carefully then air- dried it.I don’t like any form of heat to dry my hair so I prefer just sticking it out through the 6 hours it takes to air dry and since it’s already kinky it just bounces back.However I have only washed it once (after 2 weeks) and won’t need to again (unless I feel like on week 4) just before undoing them.Will let you know if the results are similar.

Ps: To get all the details of this hair, just follow me on Instagram and you’ll see everything you need to know.

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Do you have any other tips you could also give?Please share with us:)